Creating a mascot (memecoin) for Parallel

I don’t have enough knowledge yet to calculate the tokenomics of a new project, but I can offer an intangible idea for consideration.

Kitsunecoin ($KTS, $KTSC - these ticker options are not available on the exchange).
Creating a memcoin as a mascot of the Parallel project will increase the number of users.
Further, the token is popularized in the community as the mascot of the Parallel project, thanks to which users will be able to develop, gain knowledge and earn.

A game is being created for the Kitsune project. With the ability to play and earn “play2earn”. A game for young novice developers, programmers and designers. Who will be able to earn tokens at the expense of their knowledge, abilities and skills. There will be a list of tasks
of varying complexity for the needs of the Parallel project. Tasks for writing algorithms, checking code, creating NFT, 3D drawings.

A team of validators is being recruited to maintain the operability and testing of the project. Airdrops are being held for participation in the promotion of the project, DEX is being created in the Parallel ecosystem with the trading pairs KTS/ PARA and KTS/ HKO, the token in the Parallel ecosystem in the future becomes SmartGamingToken with the opportunity to spend it on your education and get into the Parallel team anywhere in the world.

Listing on DEX in the Parallel ecosystem. Launch of the KTS/PARA/HKO flexible accumulation program. Only for holders of KSM/PARA/HKO tokens. When any transaction of KTS/PARA/HKO pairs is carried out in the Parallel ecosystem, a certain percentage of KTS/PARA/HKO coins is sent to a separate savings account of each holder for one year. At the end of the year, the user can optionally pick up a certain number of tokens, a certain number of tokens remains (we must count). The process of crediting tokens for transactions is repeated for the second year. On the third and so on. The constant process of token movement in the ecosystem with the possibility of accumulating tokens for transactions and further exchange creates an eternal cycle of tokens in the system, regulated by the percentage of charges for transactions and the number of tokens received annually by the depositor.

Having developed a system that will automatically be able to regulate the percentage of accrual for transactions to the account and the number of tokens for an annual return to the wallet and offer several options for voting to the user (if the number of returns per year is the same, then the percentages for transactions are the same, and so every year), then a deflationary economic model will remain for many years, in which the cost of tokens will increase with an increase in users.

In the future, the Parallel ecosystem KTS project is able to become first educational, gaming, then investment, payment, and accumulative.

Thank you for the opportunity to share ideas and be part of the community.

PS/ There is a kitsune picture in the attachment.
She has five tails, it’s a magic fox :slight_smile: