"Damoclis gladius"

As I understand it, when contributing a DOT, the PF automatically takes away 1 DOT, as Kenny and I understood, this is according to the Polkadot rule in short: in order not to litter the blockchain with “dead” wallets, it is necessary that there be at least 1 DOT for wallets.
In my case, the following happened.
I, like many, having, say, 10 dots on my wallet, am trying to deposit everything I have (10 dots), but the PF allows only 9, because 1 DOT is mandatory (so that the wallet is not “killed” (attached a screenshot of “death” in my case). therefore, I make 9 DOT, BUT there is still a commission of ~0.02
which is subtracted from 1 DOT, which is MANDATORY. consequently, 9 DOT is debited from the wallet in favor of the project and 0.02 commission = 0.98 remains on the wallet (LESS THAN 1 DOT) = 0.98 is burned and the wallet dies.
BUT, as I understand it, 1 DOT is debited EVERY TIME you decide to contribute to the project, even if you have already left 1 DOT on your wallet before. (I couldn’t double-check this option, because I ran out of money =)).
Probably, I tried to explain in a very confusing way, what is not clear in particular?
As a solution: Add a notification about this rule DOT or k - 1 DOT automatically add a commission for the contribution, because it is the commission that becomes the “Damoclis gladius”.
In other words, I have contributed all my DOT to the PF several times (with the exception of 1 (according to the rules of the PF).
and each time they were burned at me, because the balance became less than 1 DOT.
as a result, 3-4 times my balance was completely burned and my wallet was deleted.
Why then was it necessary to add this condition, if it did not help people, it was guaranteed to destroy the wallet\balance for people.
I’ve only tried to explain this to a few people. in all chats, including international ones, people do not understand where their DOT is disappearing.
And please. remove manual approve account!!