Ideas for creating NFT

I suggest throwing ideas here



Reachiпg new ATH price is very important event for the project token. This is a remarkable landmark or stage, even if the market price changes down for some period.

  1. I propose to issue Nft-Ath-Para (NAP) at certain significant amounts of the value of the PARA token as soon PARA reach new ATH price. For example: 9$, 99$, 77$, 999$ Or any other price.
  2. For remarkable ATH price NAP must be issued on limited edition. No more than lets say 99 NAP NFts for each achieved landmark ATH price. And NAP probably should has Ubo’s signature.
  3. These NTF must have fixed indicated price = ATH. Even PARA token market price can down for some period it must be accepted by Parallel by this fixed indicated ATH price in any moment (but for sure will noone eager to sell!). But this point also depends from local TAX regulation and must be deeply examined.
  4. NAP can be sold as collectible value as well.
  5. NAP distribution: Lottery or announced Auction. Parallel can use NAP as memorable reward both for team members and for any Parallel supporters.

I hope to receive one NFT NAP :slight_smile: Warmest regards from Semalibertarian.


Ok, It’s a good idea to create an NFT. You can certainly come up with something new, but if you take the already available and understandable old, and then be creative and daring. Something that would intersect with the idea of the project. The image of a creature or animal, the description of which appeals to the user and emphasizes the belonging of the creators of the project to the country of the rising sun. I suggest to turn to folklore (oral and musical folk art), folklore is folk wisdom.
Combine folklore with hype, and use the power of the community. Accordingly, to promote folk wisdom.
Right now, the cryptoindustry hype is NFT, Gaming, MEMcoins (animals). If you take at least two areas NFT and MEMcoins, you can popularize the project a hundred times as a people’s project.
So, a fox or kitsune from Hokkaido or Honshu. From Japanese folklore has great knowledge, long life and magical powers. Let us make an analogy with the project. The Parallel project is long life - the fox is long-lived, the Parallel project creates new solutions through experience and knowledge - the fox has knowledge, the NFT project - the fox has magical powers, turns into a woman and a man (here NFT will already have at least three characters: fox, woman, man. Three matches. Accordingly, unique NFTs will appear when the project achieves certain metrics. Semalibertarian in this thread offers a mechanism for evaluating NFTs, and that’s great!
I don’t have enough knowledge yet to calculate the tokenomics of a new project, but I can offer a non-material idea for consideration.
Kitsunecoin ($KTS, $KTSC - these ticker variants are not available on the exchange). Let’s continue. The creation of this memcoin will increase the number of users. How and why? The easiest way is airdrops for community, creation of gaming project, listing on DEX in Parallel ecosystem, wallets of Polkadot ecosystem, in future, KTS project will take a niche of payment means, when user will be able to buy tickets for transportation and travel.

Thank you for the opportunity to share ideas and be part of the community.

PS/ Attached is a picture of a kitsune.
It has five tails, it’s a magical fox :slight_smile: